About Department

About Department

The Department of Mechanical Engineering, at BRCM, is one of the most reputed and well established department. It has carved a niche for itself in terms of competent and experienced faculty, well equipped laboratories, modern workshops and related infrastructure. The talented and experienced staff of the department endeavor to ‘train the brains and impart skills to the hands’ using ultra-modern equipments.

The department offers:-


  • 4-year B.Tech. Programme with an intake of 60. The students are admitted through JEE conducted by CBSE.
  • Diploma Holders are admitted through LEET (an on-line test conducted by Haryana state counseling Society, Panchkula).
  • 2-year M.Tech. Programmes in :-





With an intake of 18 seats in each discipline. Admissions are decided on the basis of GATE Score/merit at qualifying exam.The department is having more than 16 fully functional laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.


To be a centre of excellence in the field of mechanical engineering where the best of teaching, learning & research synergize and to train the students to have in depth knowledge of the subject in the field of mechanical engineering thereby making them to develop a level of confidence for carrying out R&D activities and placement in multinational & national companies/industries to serve the nation.
Imparting good sound technical knowledge to the students for fulfilling the upcoming needs of the society in the various fields of Mechanical Engineering and providing them an overall background suitable for making a successful career in industry /research/higher education in India and abroad.


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Programm Outcomes ( POs)

The program educational objectives of the U.G. programme in Mechanical Engineering are defined by the M.D. University to which this programme is affiliated. The PEOs are:

1. To subject the graduates to a thorough grounding in the key principles and practices of Mechanical Engineering , and enable them to apply their engineering skills and knowledge of fundamental principles to the design and implementation of practical systems consisting of engineering components to meet customer requirements.


2. To enable the graduates to be successfully employed in the engineering profession, and be actively engaged in learning, understanding and applying new ideas and technologies, or be actively pursuing graduate studies in mechanical engineering.

3. To impart science based engineering education to develop professional skills that will prepare the students for immediate employment in mechanical base industries.


4. To develop the design capability among students so that  they have the ability to participate in creative, synthetic and integrative activities in the field of mechanical engineering. 

5. To develop communication skills and overall personality of the students.

6. To create among the students the curiosity, the desire and ability to keep learning throughout life.

7. To develop among the students the ability to work with others and effectively interact with the society.

Graduates will:

1. Demonstrate proficiency in relevant aspects of basic sciences (Physics, Chemistry & Maths) including optimization and probability, as well as Mechanical parts and processes.

2. Demonstrate  proficiency in the areas of engineering design and development, thermal sciences and production aspects of mechanical engineering systems, and components.

3. Demonstrate an ability to visualize a concept and achieve the same with his/her own hands.

4. Demonstrate skills to use modern engineering tools, software and equipment to analyze a problem.

5. Demonstrate the ability towards professional and ethical responsibilities.

6. Demonstrate good communication skills.

7. Develop confidence for self education and ability for life long learning.

8. Be able to succeed in competitive examinations like GATE, GRE, CAT etc.