Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations


Rules for Sessional Test

Following rules have been finalized for the smooth conduct of sessional tests. All the students are required to strictly adhere to the rules.


1.     No student will be allowed to enter the examination hall without College Identity card. 


2.     Mobile phones are not allowed in the examination hall.


3.     Students arriving late by 10 minutes or more will not be allowed to enter in the examination hall.


4.     All the students will be thoroughly searched for any material kept with the intention of copying before entering in the examination hall by the invigilators and during the examination by the flying squad comprising of senior faculty members.


5.     No student will be allowed to leave the examination hall during exam hrs. However, in special circumstances students may be allowed for  drinking water & wash room after minimum one hour.


6.    All the students must write their roll no. on the top right hand side of the question paper.



7.  Students found using unfair means / arguing with invigilators will be awarded Zero marks in that particular subject anddisciplinary action will be taken.


8.   All the students are informed that no improvement tests will be held later on. So they are advised to prepare well.  


Examination Controller