Scholarship Scheme

Scholarship Scheme

University Merit Position Holder’s Scholarship Scheme for all B. Tech students:

     a)  If any student gets 1st or 2nd position in University Exam in Odd / Even Semester, he/she  

          will  get Scholarship of Rs.10000/- in the subsequent semester.

     b)  If any student gets  3rd or 4th position in University in Odd / Even Semester, he/she

           will get scholarship of Rs.7500/- in the subsequent semester.

     c)  If any student gets  5th or 6th position in  University in Odd / Even Semester, he/she will

           get scholarship of Rs.5000/- in the subsequent semester.  

The whole First Year class is treated as one discipline as the courses are common for all branches.  

Note: Minimum 80% marks shall be required for University Merit Holder students to obtain the scholarship from the session 2020-21.