Social Activities

Social Activities

BRCM actively promotes and participates in several socially relevant activities every year. Our faculty and students actively conduct several campaigns and activities that contribute to the service of the society and help create awareness against social issues under the umbrella of NSS.

We organize  a Blood Donation Campaign every year in which more than 200 students and faculty participate. The Department of Health and Medical Services, Government of Haryana has recognized and certified our efforts in arranging, coordinating and donating blood on such a large scale.

Contributing to the environment's well-being through environmental protection and also creating necessary awareness rests with today's youth and our students fully realize this. BRCM actively encourages its students to participate in all environmental related activities and plays a pro-active role in environmental protection. .

We encourage our students to participate in the City Clean-up Campaigns regularly when a large number of students go and participate in this drive to keep the city clean. The Earth Day was celebrated on the campus when Tree plantations were carried out in the campus and competitions like Making of Paper Bags etc. were held.

We participated in the stand-up drive in support of eradication of extreme poverty and took a pledge to act in harmony to eradicate poverty, disease and hunger.

Awareness programmes about health and hygiene, literacy programme lectures by experts from different walks of life are few programmes which are part & parcel of NSS activities.

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