Computer Science Engineering Society (CSES)




This society aims to integrate the young and inquisitive minds to come together under one common platform and give shape to ideas as well as broaden their knowledge and skills by participating in various activities (Technical and Non Technical).


The CSES will organize following activities:


  • Introduction/Welcome function of fresher students and farewell of outgoing students.
  • Farewell of outgoing faculty members.
  • Invited lectures of outside and inside experts.
  • Group discussion and debate competition.
  • Cultural/picnic/sports activities.   





President             :        Mr. Rishabh (5th Sem)

Vice -President       :        Mr. Govinda (5th Sem)

G. Secretary          :        Ms. Anita (5th Sem)

Secretary             :        Ms. Shivangi (5th Sem) , Ms. Simran (5th Sem)

Joint Secretary       :        Mr. Soju (5th Sem)

Treasurer             :        Mr. Himanshu (5th Sem), Mr. Anshul (3rd  Sem)  

 Executive Members :              1.    Mr. Krishan  (5th Sem)

                                 2.    Mr. Vikas    (5th Sem)

                                 3.    Ms. Priya    (5th Sem)

                                 4.    Mr. Vishal   (3rd  Sem)

                                 5.    Mr. Vikas    (3rd  Sem)

                                 6.    Ms. Sakshi   (3rd  Sem)

                                 7.    Ms. Komal    (3rd  Sem)

                                 8.    Mr. Sumesh   (3rd  Sem)

                                 9.    Mr. Rohit    (3rd  Sem)

                                10.    Mr. Abhishek (3rd  Sem)