Student Activity Clubs

Student Activity Clubs

The well-known saying ‘All work and no play, makes John a dull boy,’ very aptly emphasizes the significance of recreational activity. Recreation de-stresses the body and mind and recharges them to work with freshness and more energy.

BRCM strongly believes in this philosophy. The following activity clubs help the students de-stress and develop their skills to be a better performer.


1.   NAVRAS       -    Drama Club


2.   SAAZ             -    Music Club


3.   RUDRA         -   Dance Club


4.   SRIJAN         -   Fine Art Club


5.  BCON            -   Multiple Activity Club


To add more to it Photography Club, Literary Societies for English and Hindi and Press Clubs of English and Hindiare in formative stage and will be functional from the coming semester to explore the creative faculties of student.