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Zap Build Technologies


Training /Research & Placement Program

For The Training / Research Placement Programs, Zapbuild would like to start our journey with your organization by taking first batch of 40 – 50 candidates after the process mentioned below. (As we believe some students must be having their own plans or considering some other exception.)

Candidate Enrollment Process:

Technical Test will be conducted first (Basic C & C++), to check where every individual stands technically.

1. Candidate, who will clear the technical test with 70% marks, will be enrolled in Stipend Program.

2. Candidate, who will clear the technical test with 60 to 70% marks, will be enrolled in Free Program.

3. Candidate, who will clear the technical test with below 60% marks, will be enrolled with paid program for complete 6 months.

Further, there will be a face to face interaction round with individual candidate to take the clear picture about their technical interest and future plan, to suggest them a platform complementing their potential.

To evaluate the performance:

  •  Practical Assignments will be given after every topic covered, Weekly Test, MonthlyMock test.
  • Same sheet will be shared to the respective college coordinator to keep them in loop throughout the process.
  • While learning, candidate will work on test project and after completing the test project, candidate will get the experience to work on live project of Zapbuild.

Final Selection after 6 months grooming program:

  •  After the successful completion of these 6 months period, Zapbuild will be willing to absorb at least 50% of the total number with respect to their performance throughout.
  • Considering their performance in the monthly test and on live project there will be one last interview round with the CTO to get them on board with our development team.